Your body needs an upgrade. Adopt exercises that will align your skeleton and fast-track your progress.

In the space of two days, I observed what I can only call absolute 'Transformations' (physically and energetically) in a few of my students that are nothing short of astounding.

In my own case, Jim gave a very detailed explanation/correction to a practice I learned from another teacher 25 years ago that has at last yielded the promised results - almost as if he 'unlocked' the exercises.

- Jeff Davidson

Principle Based Methods

Jim has distilled decades of concentrated practice and knowledge into a series of courses.

They integrate through shared principles to create a comprehensive view of classical healing methods.

Hi, I’m Jim Russo.

Over the past 50 years, I have studied, researched, taught and practiced tai chi chuan, hsing yi chuan, qigong, tai chi ruler, and many related internal arts.

I have an analytical mind and like to put the pieces together from the various arts to help people achieve their goals in different ways. Sometimes that means dialing up a student's fighting skills to beast mode. Sometimes it means helping people find the best personal defense against serious illness.

Bottom line: I've spent decades cultivating these skills to preserve and expand upon what I've been taught along the way. I train hard and share openly with anyone who seeks my help. (Trust me... as we age, we all need a little help!)

There's a lot to share and I will do my best to organize it. Nothing will bring me greater joy than to see these arts preserved for the benefit of all.

Learn at your own pace

There are many ways to improve your physical being. Zhong Ding Healing Arts is organized into multiple streams of course material to give you some flexibility in how you approach your internal arts practice.

The monthly membership starts everyone at the ground level with Jim's fundamental approach to movement through the Eight Brocades.

Beyond the week-to-week lessons, you will have direct access to Jim Russo in the members-only section of the Zhong Ding Tai Chi Chuan Community website, along with additional layers of instruction through regularly released video content:

  • Standing across the arts
  • Silk reeling
  • Ying/yang theory
  • Five element theory
  • TCM applications
  • Supporting qigong
  • Song gong
  • Jibengong
  • An Mo Massage
  • ... and more!

If you are lucky enough to study with Jim, he will change your practice and infuse it with martial purpose. His in person teaching is priceless.

-- Aaron T

Jim's dedication to mastering the internal arts is surpassed only by his desire to share what he has unraveled with other wanderers on the neijia path. 

-- Sean G

Jim shares secrets openly, eager to help people thrive. His open hearted nature and depth of knowledge about the internal arts has changed my life.

-- Alex S