What people are saying...

"Jim, you are a rare breed and we would all do well to follow your example. Keep being you and keep helping many people along the Way. A bow of respect."

"Your efforts are profound.
You. Give. So. Much."

"They say that if you truly understand something, you can explain it simply. Brilliant example right here. Shifu Jim Russo certainly knows what's up with the internal arts. Some teachers cannot explain in a decade, what he here did in 2 minutes." [re: one of Jim's public videos]

"You demonstrate the concept so clearly. You are a great teacher."

"Jim, Your videos are articulate, informative and you deliver them with grace and charm. I believe you to be a national treasure."

Welcome to Zhong Ding Healing Arts

More reactions to Jim's teaching...

"You're amazing Jim. The breadth and depth of what you have learned over the years and an ability to explain and convey clearly - what a gift. Tnx and pls keep posting."

"Deep Bow to Jim Russo. If there is a deeper and richer source for all things IMA, I don't know of it yet."

"This is priceless and I am awe struck at how you have generously cast pearls!

I try to watch all your videos because they refine my knowledge as well as my daily practice which is mostly flexing and stretching, all within the context of breathing."

"I've spent a few days in the last couple weeks with Jim and he keeps blowing my mind. The silk reeling is SO SICK!!!!!"

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